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Digital Marketing

Did you know that having a video thumbnail in the search results can double your search traffic?

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That’s because people are more likely to watch a video, rather than read a whole page of text. It’s also why videos are a key component of a good digital marketing strategy.

Organic, Paid, or Both?

While there is a certain allure to getting what you want for free, it doesn’t always work that way. Many companies while creating a digital marketing strategy often fall prey to the notion that social media is free, hence digital marketing through social media is and should be free. This is where the concept of organic vs paid comes in. Organic marketing refers to putting your product or service online, usually social media, and allowing it to get noticed in its own time. While organic growth is long-lasting, this, however, does not guarantee that your product or service will get noticed, especially not by your target market. It also allows very limited tracking or insights and will take a lot of time before it can yield the desired results. Paid advertising on the other hand will allow you to target your intended demographic, and reach more people in a lesser amount of time. This is why a combination of both strategies is always advised.

“Emails with no subject lines (from legitimate sources) were so intriguing that they were 8% more likely to be opened than an email with one.”

6 Steps to the Perfect Digital Marketing Strategy

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Every company has a different reason (or combination of reasons) for wanting to establish an online presence. Whether it is to build brand recognition, generate leads, or get more subscribers, the first thing you need to do before you begin strategizing is to figure out what your campaign aims to accomplish.

  • Figure out what you want to accomplish
  • Use the Digital Sales Funnel
  • Create Buyer Characters
  • Find users at every stage
  • Implement Specific Guidelines to Achieve Your Target
  • Consider Automation and Personalisation

Once your campaigns are running, your job is not over. You’ll want to find ways to continue to make your campaigns as impactful and effective as possible. Two ways you can do this are by personalisation and automation. Ads that utilise retargeting or triggered email autoresponders are great ways to show customers similar products that they might have seen in the past.

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