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57% of consumers will follow a brand to learn about new products or services while 47% will follow to stay up to date on company news.

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This year, we've seen the continued importance of visual content emphasized by the changes that occurred across almost every major social network, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. At the same time, videos continued to grow as powerful tools for brands looking to communicate more easily with their readers, and virtual reality (VR) is finding its place as a marketing tool in numerous businesses.

4 Reasons Social Media Design is important to your marketing.

Followers need to know what your story is and what you stand for. Your social media design and graphics need to tell a story that your followers can easily follow. The key is to make your design and story engaging enough for followers to continue coming back to your storyline again and again.

Your brand ideally should be an extension of your story, but your branding also needs to be cohesive throughout. It’s great to be able to share your story and engage followers, but your brand’s design also needs to be cohesive.

When graphic design is beautifully paired with the overall social media design it signals to the social media user that they can expect quality. Viewers will inevitably judge and decide for themselves if your brand or company is one they want to invest in. Your graphic and social media designs should give them a reason why to invest, not a reason to say no.

Once your brand, graphic design, and social media design consistently represent your overall message, you can expect folks to feel proud to be a part of your business. This pride results in recruiting new followers, possibly new employees, and even investors.

70% of companies invest in content marketing, which could include visual marketing strategies.

Your Social Media Design process

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It is always a good practice to find proficient methods of working and getting the job at hand done quicker, more efficiently. To speed up the process of design while keeping consistent branding top of mind, try these four easy steps when creating your next batch of social media graphics.

  • Develop the schedule
  • Gather the content
  • Design the template(s)
  • Create the graphics

Create several images of the same type at once and save them in a folder on your computer. A little organization now will help in a big way later. When you are ready to post, you will have a handful of image-ready artwork at your fingertips.

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