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3 years ago
If this is real that's just fucked up man
not even good 3 years ago
clearly, she's more turned on by the cheating than who she's doing it with.
Lmfao 3 years ago
"Knuckle blasted" lmao okay boomer
Damn 3 years ago
That some hoe ass shit
Good times 3 years ago
I remember going to work and having a secret place my work lover and I would meet I’d give him head and I’d come to work in a skirt so he’d eat my pussy with the possibility of someone catching us in the act. My husband never knew. We never got to actually fuck. But I still play with myself thinking about the way I would suck his dick
Damn 3 years ago
She got a name for other vids with her??
AlChicago 3 years ago
So I will say things like these are very common, in past 6 years I have had sex with 4 female co workers... all of them married for 5 to 8 years. This one company I worked for my manager she too had sex with me. Those out of state 3 day convention trip... yup.. after 5pm few drinks and dinner on company funds... then by 8pm my manager she wanted her pussy licked.
2 years ago
You can tell who's been cheated on in the comment lol
Rebecca 3 years ago
I had a co-worker that use to suck my pussy when I'd be on the phone talking to my hubby.We'd be the only two left in the work place and after hanging up he'd fill my pussy with semen after making me cum orally a few times. Housekeeping almost caught us twice.
This 3 years ago
Is just fucked up man
I hope this bitch And this faggot get cheated on